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    Anasia(Shandong)Electronics Co.,Ltd
    Foreign Trade:86-533-3581701

    Instrument Sale Hotine(domestic): 0533-3595626
    Meter Sale Hotline(domestic): 0533-3581701
    Fax: 86-533-3581701 
    Address: 2F, Building E, High Technology Pioneering
    Park, Zibo City,Shandong Province,China

    + About Us

    Company Anasia(Shandong)Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional intelligent digital power meter and power cable fault test equipment product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the company focus on technological innovation, with a high-quality product development team, a number of national patents and the National Innovation Fund, won several national scientific and technological progress awards.
    Products with high precision, stable and reliabl......[Detailed]

    + Application field

    Coal SystemPower SystemOil SystemRailway System